Monday, December 9, 2013

Section 9

Parallel - pg. 185 "He tried to look like any common migratory killer but his heart was hammering and he knew he was going to start coughing."
Its the same as with his son. He never is truly honest with his thoughts, as he can't be. To help them to survive, he cannot tell his son that he has doubts of their survival or else mentally, he would go insane. He cannot be soft towards strangers, or they may take advantage of him and his son.

Contrast - pg. 209 "They ate slowly out of china bowls."
No sense of urgency, which is a contrast to when they were in the bunker, where they were scarfing down the food that they found.


1. On pg. 185, does the son mean he needs to believe his father to survive, or could it be to keep some kind of mental sanity, thinking that his father knows what he's doing?

2. Why did the father bite his lip while watching his son running on pg. 201?

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