Monday, December 9, 2013

Section 6:

Parallel - pg. 122 "He swept the boards clean and knelt and hooked his fingers in the ring and lifted the trap door and swung it open."
pg. 110 "Then he raised the hatch door and swung it over and let it down on the floor behind."
He does the same thing to enter both shelters, a basic parallel.

Contrast - pg. 122 "Down there in the darkness was a cistern filled with water so sweet that he could smell it."
pg. 110 "On the mattress lay a man with his legs gone to the hip and the stumps of them blackened and burnt. The smell was hideous."
Basic contrast to the smell of the man's rotting flesh, to the smell of the water.


1. Why did the father aim the pistol at their reflection in the mirror?

2. Why did he take the packets of plant seeds, even though he did not know what to with them himself?

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