Friday, October 25, 2013

These pictures show the women that the male
protagonist of each film fell for. They both use their attractiveness to infatuate the two men. The
shots are very similar as both are staring directly at their faces. Both have blonde hair and lipstick. They are also both heavily clothed in the respective scenes. Also both shots are a first person perspective or how the male character sees them face to face. Its a close ranged shot with no angles involved.

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  1. Luca, let's start with labeling. These are both close-ups, right? Next, Phyllis is facing the camera. Neither man in the scene can see her face. Lynn is seen from Bud's p-o-v. You might also describe the plot points in these very different scenes. The initial X-mas meeting of B and L; the steely stare of P as W murders her husband.