Monday, October 28, 2013

Section I


Contrast: Minorities and treatment of each other; Jewish-Italians treated each other fairly while Pekar was bullied and attacked by Black kids after they moved into the same neighborhood as him.

Parallel: Started out in Jewish-Italian neighborhood, and then after the Blacks had moved into the area, Pekar moved back into a Jewish-Italian neighborhood.


Parallel: Shadows drawn on Pekar when he is violent, secretive, deceptive, or just plain smug.

Contrast: Gets beaten in his old neighborhood, while he dishes out the beatings in his new one.

3. Words: Pekar uses a rectangular text box when he is narrating or showing a thought from a 3rd person perspective. When someone is talking he shows a round speech bubble with the tip pointing to the speaker. Sometimes when he is in thought it will show a speech bubble but have these round carvings on the edge of it. On pg.11 Pekar is talking to himself and is visually going back and forth and literally saying contradicting thoughts coming out of his head, as he says ,"but.......on the other hand.....but...."

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