Sunday, March 2, 2014

Chapter 4

Parallel - "No. Worse. I don't know why I stay with them."(50)

This parallels to earlier in the book where Neil is unsure why he still puts up with work at the library.

Contrast - "Do you love me Neil?"(51)
"I'll sleep with you whether you do or not, so tell me the truth."(51)

These statements contradict eachother just based on the nature of their meanings. The first one is about love. Love being a commitment to the other person, and wanting to establish a long lasting relationship. Brenda says that line, but immediately afterwards says the second quote. The nature of the second one makes the relationship seem like a fling to her, making the conversation a bit awkward for me to read to be honest, since she is blatantly lying about her love, if she is willing to do the second statement.

Props -
-The art book
-Cherry Bowl
-The fruit Aunt Gladys gave to Neil
-The couch where Neil and Brenda lay on - The place where they seem to make love the most often, probably the most imporgtant prop in the chapter.
-Uncle Max's Plate

Class Language - Neil referring to the boy who liked Gauguin as "the colored boy"(50).

Meaningful Passage - The conversation between the colored boy and Neil on pg. 60 showed the effects of racism on the boy. He reacts a bit exaggerated to Neil's questions because he thinks Neil judges him based on his color, as most of the white society does.

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