Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Chapter 1

Parallel: "I'm...Dark" "Are you a negro" (7)
"What does your cousin Doris look like?"
 "She's dark-"
"Is she-"(12)
Basically say the same thing, only the second conversation is about Doris, while the first one is about Neil.

Contrast: "right from the start she was a practical girl."(7)
"Her passion for winning a point seemed outmatched by an even stronger passion for maintaining her beauty as it was."(10)
He calls her practical at first, but later Neil describes as basically obsessed with her physical looks, contradictory statements.

-Brenda's Glasses- Definitely the most important as that is how Neil initiated a conversation with Brenda, talking about him holding her glasses.
-Tennis Racket and Cover           -Phone Book         -Phone        -Stone that Brenda kicks

Class Consciousness: Brenda asks Neil if he is a negro, as well as Doris. Brenda is white and during the time period of the novel, racial inequality was a common occurence. Also Neil's description of Newark, makes it sound like it is a poor area, or at least more poor than the area where Brenda lives.

Language and insights/truths: When Neil asks Brenda why does she "always rush the net after dark", he makes a unique connection with her. Brenda even tells Neil that not many people would even notice this, showing Neil is a distinguished individual when it comes to Brenda.

Meaningful/Confusing Passages:
1. Why would Brenda accept a meeting with a complete stranger? Is it something acceptable or normal during that time?

2. What social class is Brenda in?

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  1. Luca,

    This early response is thoughtful.brenda is Upper/ upper middle class. Does class play a role in their break up?

    Where oh where are chapters 2-8?!